Auto Armour

Auto Armour is Southern California’s premier choice when it comes to protecting automotive paint finishes. With our clear bra paint protection film in place, a car will maintain the look it had the day it left the showroom floor. Whether a dealership or an individual car owner, Auto Armour will be able to increase the value of your cars by protecting them from the damage so common from rocks, bugs, and other road debris. Call us to discuss your needs and let us give you peace of mind that you have selected the best company for protecting your automotive finish.

To help us remain true to our desire of giving a perfect job to every customer, we limit our schedule so that each car receives the time and attention it deserves. For dealerships this means less worry that a customer will return with issues related to their paint protection film. Keep this in mind as you pursue us for the installation of a clear bra on your vehicles. We will go the extra mile and do anything necessary to get your car done when needed. That includes working after hours and weekends as demand requires.

We specialize in full hood and fender packages as well as full vehicle wraps. We wrap every edge that can be wrapped and so this application becomes practically invisible. Who wants to see those lines?