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Keep the pristine paint job on your vehicle’s exterior with paint protection films from Auto Armour.

Auto Clear Bra Installation Services in San Diego, CA

Keep Your Car in Pristine Condition with Paint Protection Film

There is a reason why Auto Armour is one of Southern California’s top Xpel paint protection film (PPF) shops. Customized paint protection film, or clear bra, services are ingrained in our roots. We believe that paint protection film should be a priority in order to protect and retain your factory paint. Xpel is the industry leader in clear bra technology and that is why we decided to partner with them exclusively.

You get the following benefits with paint protection film:

  • Keep your vehicle looking shiny and new for longer
  • Reduce your expenses for constant waxing and polishing
  • Minimize the likelihood of your car’s exterior paint sustaining scratches and other damage
  • Make cleaning your car easier
  • Retain your car’s resale value

Why Work with Auto Armour?

  • Guaranteed top-tier application with Auto Armour’s PPF specialists.
  • 10-year transferable, nationwide warranty that covers parts and labor, backed by Xpel.
  • Protect your OEM paint with a nearly invisible polyurethane film that protects against paint damage without changing the appearance of your vehicle.
  • Xpel film is self-healing! When exposed to heat, swirl marks and fine scratches will disappear without any other action needed.
  • You can treat PPF just as you would your paint. Very easy to maintain!

What is Xpel Ultimate Plus?

As the leading clear bra installation service in San Diego, CA, Auto Armour uses only the best paint protection films. This is why we’re proud to work with Xpel. Xpel Ultimate Plus film is most popular for people looking to add protection without altering the look of your vehicle. Whether you are covering only the high impact areas or the full exterior, Ultimate Plus adds a durable, impact-resistant armor that will shield your paint from physical and environmental factors.

  • Protect your paint from rock chips and minor scratches.
  • No need to worry about bugs, road grime, or bird droppings. Ultimate Plus resists stains and damage caused by environmental factors.
  • Our film blends well with factory paint, making it nearly impossible to spot the difference between a covered and uncovered panel.

What is Xpel Stealth?

Xpel Stealth was originally developed to protect OEM matte paint finishes. However, in our years of being clear car protection film installers, we often use this film to change a car’s finish from the original factory gloss to a sleek, satin finish.

  • Avoid having to touch-up difficult matte paint by applying Xpel Stealth PPF before you hit the road.
  • Change the finish of your car from factory gloss to satin – while adding protection!
  • Get a unique look without relying on an aftermarket paint job.

The Cars We Service

In San Diego, we see plenty of clients needing clear bra service for their cars. The ones we specialize in are:

Why Choose Us?

In a city as big as San Diego, lots of companies offer car detailing services. But no one does paint protection film installation quite like Auto Armour. Since opening in 2007, we have perfected PPF application on most kinds of vehicles, luxury and otherwise.

As the leading auto detailing service provider in the area, we combine time-tested auto detailing solutions with our exemplary service. 

Other benefits of working with Auto Armour include:

  • Guaranteed PPF application professionals working on your car
  • Attention to detail
  • High-quality custom PPF application
  • 10-year nationwide warranty

Paint Protection FAQ

It is common for bubbles to appear or edges to lift in the first 1-2 weeks after application. This is why we ask all of our customers to come in for a PPF check-up 2 weeks after pick-up. This way we can keep everything looking perfect after receiving our auto clear bra installation service. If you do find any edges lifting or if bubbles appear, please refrain from touching these areas.
Please wait a minimum of 48 hours after getting an auto clear bra service in San Diego to wash your car after installation.

We recommend wiping down or washing your vehicle every 1-2 weeks. Avoid using a pressure sprayer around the edges of the film. This can encourage the film to lift or become damaged. Hand washing is preferred. Be sure to remove insect, sap, and other stains as soon as possible.

Light scratches will heal on their own in about 20-30 minutes at room temperature. If the damage is more severe, give us a call or bring the car in to see what we can do. Every situation is different.
Absolutely! We recommend silica sealants, especially if you have ceramic coating in addition to your PPF. An application of a silica sealant once every 3-4 months is best practice.

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