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Keep your car cool and comfortable with quality window tinting services from Auto Armour.

Professional Window Tinting Service in San Diego, CA

Automotive Window Film

There’s a reason why window tint is the most common automotive modification on the market. The technology has grown exponentially within the last few years leading to extraordinary advances. Xpel Prime window films contain ceramic particles that block out UV and infrared radiation at a high rate – leading to better overall performance when compared to traditional tint. We guarantee our work. Xpel backs it up with a lifetime transferable warranty.

Drive More Comfortably with Your Windows Tinted

You get the following benefits with window tinting:

  • Keep your car cool
  • Hide your car’s interior from outside onlookers
  • Protect yourself from UV rays

Why Get Professional Window Tinting for Your Car?

Lifetime Transferable Warranty – Xpel’s manufacturer warranty covers you nationwide for the life of your vehicle. Parts and labor are included.

  • Greater Clarity – With tint shades as light at 70%, you can enjoy the benefits of tint without having to choose a dark shade. The color of the tint does not affect performance!
  • Reduces GlareXpel Prime Window Film reduces the sun’s glare which enhances visibility and reduces eye strain.
  • Crystal Clear Signal – Absolutely no interference with radio, cellular, and Bluetooth signals.
  • Superior Heat Rejection – Blocks an incredible amount of infrared radiation, leading to chart-topping heat rejection properties. Keeps your car cool and improves fuel efficiency.
  • Ceramic Particle TechnologyXpel Prime XR and XR Plus contain ceramic particles that filter out the sun’s infrared radiation, which is what allows it to perform better than traditional metalized or dyed films.
  • UV Ray Protection – Drive with confidence knowing you are protected with SPF 1000, effectively blocking over 99% of harmful UV rays. Great not only for your skin but for protecting your interior as well!

What is Xpel Prime XR?

Xpel Prime XR offers a flawless appearance and crystal clear clarity for the life of your vehicle. This film offers up to 88% IR rejection, which directly correlates to heat rejection! Don’t settle for a cheap film with a disappointing outcome. Choose Xpel Prime XR from Auto Armour, San Diego’s leading window tinting service provider.

What is Xpel Prime XR Plus?

Experience top-of-the-line performance with Xpel Prime XR Plus. Boasting an IR rejection rating of up to 98%, the heat rejection gained with this film is rarely matched. The key to its success? A proprietary layering of nano-ceramic particles that deliver unprecedented performance with any shade. When car enthusiasts want the best, they choose Xpel Prime XR Plus.

The Cars We Service

In San Diego, we see plenty of clients needing auto window tinting service The ones we specialize in are:

Why Choose Us?

In big, sunny San Diego, window tinting is in high demand, so there’s also a lot of suppliers. But no one does window tinting service like Auto Armour. Since opening in 2007, we have been providing extra UV protecting and heat deflection for our clients through our professional window tinting services.

As the leading auto detailing service provider in the area, we combine time-tested auto detailing solutions with our exemplary service.

Other benefits of working with Auto Armour include:

  • Guaranteed window tinting professionals working on your car
  • Attention to detail
  • High quality custom tints from Xpel
  • Lifetime transferable warranty

Auto Window Tinting FAQs

Wait 3 to 5 days after getting a window tinting service before lowering your windows and only clean them with warm water and soft cloth.
Yes, San Diego follows California state laws, which limits the percentage of tinting for car windows. Auto Armour follows these regulations.
Yes. If you want your tints removed someday, we can safely do it for your car.
No. Our window tinting materials are compatible with rear defrosters.

Xpel Prime window tints uses advanced layering technology to provide maximum value.

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